This is a daily Morning-Midday-Evening spread that I like on mornings where time is not an issue.

Hmm…. Looks like I have some blocked energies today.

AM- 6 of Swords, reversed

Makes perfect sense to me….after all, I have been working on the road all week, getting to a beach hotel yesterday, quite late on a rainy day.  Today I woke up to sunshine, acquired a caffeinated to-go cup and submersed my toes in the Atlantic. I find myself dragging my heels and lingering, despite being thrilled to head home to my significant other and pets after a long trip. When the card is upright, it can indicate rough water behind and smooth sailing ahead. Today, in the reversed position, I really notice the bumpy water in the top left. My iPhone confirms my suspicion….looks like I will be driving right into another bad rainstorm before lunch.

Mid-day- 4 of Pentacles, reversed

This might have something to do with a financial issue today stemming from my credit card being compromised earlier in the week, but I feel like that was resolved (hopefully).  The town in the background rings true, as I will be away from home.  Perhaps an issue with greediness on my part? Perhaps referring to too much time focused on career and not enough on home and relationships?  The day will tell…..

Evening- 10 of Cups reversed

Something will block happiness at home tonight.  Hopefully it is not something out of my control and I will be able, thanks to this insight from my cards, to recognize any signs that the night could be ruined despite my eagerness to finally be home for a couple of weeks!

My final impression reading the cards together as a spread-

Not wanting to leave the beach, spending too much time on career, the exhaustion of being on the road could all lead to me forgetting just how special it is to be home with my sweetie and the dogs.  I will really make sure to keep that 10 of cups in mind when I walk thru the door!

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